What are the virtual office packages available?

We have 4 packages available. Standard, Premium, Professional and Plus. Standard starts at S$8.99 per month.

What is the key differences between the different packages?

Standard, Premium, Professional packages are for local ACRA registered companies and Plus package is for foreign registered companies or individuals. Standard package is our basic package with mail alerts and self-collect mails. Premium has mail alerts and mail forwarding services. Professional has mail alert, self-collect mails, mail forwarding and call forwarding services. Plus has mail alerts, self-collect mails, international mail forwarding, and cheque deposit services with option to include call forwarding service. MailConvert service to scan mails’ content is also available as an option for all packages.

What is MailConvert?

MailConvert is an additional add on service that allows you to receive your mail contents via email. You can instruct us to scan all mail contents to you, or selectively get us to scan contents based on the scanned mail covers.

What are credits?

Credits are prepaid amount in denomination of S$30, $50 or $100. If you have chosen the mail forwarding or call forwarding package, the prepaid credit is used to offset payment for postage and call usage.

What will happen to unused mail or call forwarding credits?

Unused credits will be carried over to the next contract year or refunded if the service is not renewed. Bank charges apply if the refund is to an overseas bank account.

When will orders be processed?

Once you submit an order online, it will be processed by the next business day.

Do you have meeting room access?

We do not have meeting rooms available.

Do you provide business incorporation services and how much?

Yes we provide business incorporation services from S$380 onwards depending on the type of incorporation and directorship holdings.

What are the call forwarding charges?

When a customer applies for call forwarding service, a dedicated Singapore local line number will be provided. When someone dials this local number, it will be forwarded to a phone number given by the customer and per minute call charges apply depending on the call destination and call duration. Please contact us to check on per minute call charges for different countries.

What is call forwarding?

It is an optional service that allows you to have a local Singapore number and forward the call to any number in the world.

What are the accepted modes of payment?

We accept credit cards, paypal, direct bank transfer or cash walk in.

What is the registered address for your virtual office service?

The registered address is 7 Temasek Boulevard Suntec Tower One #12-07 Singapore 038987

Can I use the registered virtual office address to register a company?

Yes you can use the address to register with ACRA, on your website and any other marketing materials. The address is 7 Temasek Boulevard Suntec Tower One #12-07 Singapore 038987.

Can I sign up for less than 12 months package?

Yes, you can sign up for less than 12 months but there is an uplift for the monthly subscription fee. Please contact us a pro-rated quotation.

How long will you keep mail for collection?

We will keep all mails for at least 90 days and there will be monthly reminders beyond that. We will expect all bulky items to be collected within a few days.

Do you accept and receive bulky items?

Yes we do but it should not exceed 10 kilograms in weight or size exceeding length/breath/height of 42cm. We will expect collection or forwarding within a few days.

What are your operating hours?

We operate Monday to Friday , 10am to 6pm. We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Do you sign for the parcels or registered mails that are directed to me?

Yes we will sign and receive all registered articles that arrives during our operating hours.

Are there discounts if I sign up for 24 or more months?

Yes, there will be volume discounts for multiple year/package sign ups. Please contact us for more information.

Do you have desks available for working?

No, we do not have work spaces available for working. We suggest you work out of one of the many cafes available in Suntec city.

How many individuals can we register for each plus package?

2 names free for the plus package, additional names are chargeable at S$2/month for each name.

What is your refund policy?

Existing and live subscriptions do not get refunds in the event of cancellation during subscription period. Unused credits for mail forwarding or call forwarding will be refunded.

Can foreign registered companies sign up for your service?

Yes, please sign up for the Plus package.

What is required to register an account?

If you are registering for standard, premium or professional package, you will be required to submit ACRA bizfile profile within 14 days of registration. If you are foreign companies or individuals registering for the Plus package, you will be required to submit foreign company incorporation documents or identification documents within 14 day of registration. You can sign up first and submit the documents later.

How will I be notified of incoming mails?

You will be notified by email.

Who can collect my mails?

After registration, we will request for a list of authorized personnel from you to collect your mails. During collection, all identities are verified against the list you provide and they will have to sign off.

What if i do not have a UEN no. but want to register a package?

If you are intending to register with ACRA using our address, please leave UEN no. blank and update us the UEN once you get the bizfile.

If you do not intend to register with ACRA, please subscribe to the Plus package and leave UEN no. blank.