How it works – Virtual Office Plus for individuals

The Straits Virtual Office Plus service is for individuals who needs to send all their mails to a Singapore address. You can be an expat or Singaporean moving overseas for work or you are moving homes often in Singapore. You decide how we will forward your mails to you , it can be by self-collection , forwarding by email or postage overseas.

Step 1 : Sign up

  • mailConvert will allow your mail covers to be scanned to you, you can decide for us to open to scan to you
  • Scroll to bottom of the page and purchase the package with or without mailConvert
  • Wait for activation confirmation and registration email the next business day

Step 2 : Mails diversion

  • Change all your mailing address in Singapore to our Suntec address
  • 2 names per plus account, 3rd and 4th at $2/ea per month
  • Let us know the email contact for mail alerts
  • Let us know the foreign/local mailing address for forwarding

Step 3 : Notification

  • When your mails arrive, you will be notified by email
  • If you have mailConvert, a scan of the envelope will be included
  • If you have mailConvert, you can instruct us to scan contents or post
  • For overseas addresses , we will automatically foward all mails to you weekly excluding those that have been sent by mailConvert
  • For Singapore addresses, you can opt to self collect at our office.
  • We will deposit cheques to your nominated bank account weekly with notification

Step 4 : Receive mail

  • Sit back and receive all your mails
  • There will be prompts to top up credits once it hits the $20 threshold
  • Balance mail forward credits will be refunded to a Singapore bank account or overseas(minus all bank charges)

Straits Virtual Address Plus @ S$187.88 for 12 months(S$155.88 subscription + S$30 mail fwding credits + S$2 card fees)

Straits Virtual Address Plus with mailConvert @ S$331.88 for 12 months(S$155.88 subcription + S$144 mailConvert + S$30 mail fwd credits + S$2 card fee)