In a previous article, I briefly shared on the importance on investing in yourself.


It happens too often so I thought it will be nice to dedicate an article on my thoughts. The typical adult life after finishing school will be getting a job and becoming busy at work. Getting hitched, married and having babies. Almost every other friend I know ballooned throughout the years, neglecting their physical and mental well-being altogether. If the above sounds all too familiar, it might be good to continue reading in order to stay on top of the game:

Investing in your body

Let’s be honest, first impression always counts. Whether you are walking through the door for an interview or negotiating a contract. A chiseled lean look is always better than a fluffy spongy look. Exercise is what many neglect once they enter the rat race.  Research has shown that at least 120 minutes of moderate exercise is what keeps one healthy which also helps to delay the onset of ageing and diseases. By staying healthy and fit, you have higher energy levels and more mentally astute to make better decisions at work. Build exercise into your daily routine with either a morning run before work, a 30 minute workout in the gym with a lunch takeout or the evening jog once you get back from work. Many complain that they are so tired after a long day so the trick is to get home and immediately change into your exercise outfit and get out of the house.

We are what we eat. As we age, our body becomes less tolerant towards junk food. We cannot eat as if we are forever 21. The basic formula is that your energy expenditure must be greater than your energy intake. Cut out most(all) the tidbits, fried food, instant noodles, carbonated drinks and sugar. Breakfast is a must and supper is a no. Go for for soupy steamed food instead of fried oily food. Less carbohydrates such as white rice, potatoes, noodles, carrot etc. Increase vegetables and fruits intake. Drink lots of water and get enough sleep daily.

Investing in your mind

Read, learn and update. Read the news daily and know what is happening in the world. Learn a new skill by picking up a book or enrolling yourself into a course. Update your relevance to the changing world and do not be afraid to pick up new technology and gadgets.

Invest your money

Money under your pillow yields 0% interest while money in the bank yields next to peanuts interest. With yearly inflation, if you do not make money work for you, it will be working against you. Depending on your risk appetite, there are many financial instruments in the market that gives yields that will help you beat inflation and build towards a retirement nest. Not gonna dive into the details here but general guidelines as follows:

  • Have a rainy day fund worth 6 months of expenses which is liquid cash
  • Diversification is key so do not be over invested in just one asset class
  • Timing the market is gambling while investment is a long term strategy. Having said that, there are good  times and bad times to enter the market

Yes, it requires effort and tenacity to stay on the top of the game but as with all games, there are always winners and losers.