At some point of your life, you will be green with envy at the likes of Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Ma living the time of their lives and wished you could be like them. You could be them! Only if you hesitated less and put your thoughts into actions. But wait, we still have mortgages to pay, kids to feed, ageing parents to take care of. Maybe now is not the right time. Maybe later. Years pass by as you go about your daily lives, scaling the corporate ladder, putting behind your dreams of striking it out on your own. How often has it occurred that the great idea you once had is now a great success by someone else and you went “hey, that was my idea”. Yup, been there done that.

When you are just out of school, you are young (and broke) having insufficient experience to run a startup. After a job hop and increment, you are in your mid twenties, you are starting to scale the corporate ladder and seeing someone. Maybe the startup dreams can wait a little. Now a junior manager in your early thirties, you are busy saving up for the flat and wedding. Can’t afford to lose that stable income ! By mid thirties, you start to welcome your first baby and dedicate your entire day trying to get enough sleep, dragging yourself to work the next day. When your kids hit teenage years, you are probably in your forties and your parents’ health start to decline as you expend all your energy(and resources) taking care of them. Just when you know it, you are now over 50 and probably some senior management or retrenched. You are just busy trying to stay alive. But hey, not everyone gets to live until 50.

There isn’t a right or wrong time to start or do anything. All it takes is grit and determination. No one says you can’t start anything by the side. Or you can start something full time and do something by the side to pay the bills. It takes is some hard work, effort and sacrifices. As the old adage goes, no pain no gain. Start doing, not dreaming.