1. Location

Your clients wants to see that you have a decent address in the CBD. Imagine if you are running a consultancy but having an address at Tuas or Tampines? It sure doesn’t hurt to pay a bit more for that prestigious virtual office address that is recognisable. It makes your mail collection easier too.

2. Price

Yes, we just said it sure doesn’t hurt to pay a bit more for a centrally located virtual office address but it sure hurts if you have to shell out hundreds of dollars for facilities that you do not use. Shared working space, meeting rooms, lounges are things of the past. These “pay per use” facilities still have rent to be paid for even when you are not using them so they are padded onto your basic virtual office address subscription fee. With the covid-19 pandemic going on, working from anywhere and everywhere is the new norm. Have meetings over in an open space cafe is not only safe but also the new norm.

3. Subscription period

Most virtual office address providers in Singapore have a 1 year subscription period. There are options whereby you can go for a shorter period but at some additional cost. Use what you need, don’t be afraid to ask for a shorter commitment period.

4. Reputation of virtual office provider

Every virtual office address provider in Singapore will tell you they are the best but is there truly a best? What is best for you might not be the best for others. However, it good to have reference points. If you have friends already using virtual office address provider, ask them for reviews. Otherwise, it’s also good to rely on google reviews.

5. Foundation of virtual office provider

We all know how much of a hassle it is to switch virtual office addresses. We have to update ACRA, government and client records, to print new marketing materials, etc. So it is important to choose a provider that has been in operations for at least 3 years and many customers. Why 3 years? Because the likelihood of a company going bust within 3 years is very high. Why many customers? Because you have many fellow customers paying to support the virtual office address that you are using.

6. Services provided

The most important service aspects of a virtual office service boils down to two things. The first being mail notification. The second being mail collection.

Mail notifications:

  • How timely are the notifications
  • How are you notified. By email, whatsapp?
  • Do they scan the cover or tell you who the senders are?

Mail collection:

  • Where do you have to travel to for collection of mails?
  • Are there any other auxiliary business services in the vicinity of the virtual office service provider that you can do after collecting mails?
  • The process of collecting your mails, is there authentication?

7. Value added services

Setting up a business in Singapore is not difficult but can be intimidating for first timers. So does the virtual office service provider provide any other complementary services and consultation? Think about other services such as corporate secretary, mail forwarding, phone forwarding, data protection officer, etc. Be very wary of any providers who claim to provider “value added services” for free because nothing is really free. They are simply padded into your basic subscription fees. If you don’t use them, it means you are paying for someone else’s usage. Always go for no frills basic subscription and add on what you need.

With all these above being said, Straits Virtual Office Singapore was started by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We understand what our customers need because it was what we needed.

  • Our office address is in Suntec City, one of the most prestigious business address in Singapore.
  • Suntec City, is home to many banks, post office allowing you to do all your business transactions in one place
  • We offer the most basic and value for money no frills basic subscription for just $8.99 per month.
  • We do not add any services (meeting rooms, lounges, etc) to your service fees.
  • We built partnerships with other renowned and established business service providers so we can provide you with good advice and competitive partner rates.

Check our packages and speak to us today!